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614Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorAdding the PROCPR 30D72 to code HAX014/HA3RT Breast lesion destruction with radiofrequence20202019-01-17
613Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorInterventions with 09S07 'Other skin, subcutaneous tissue or breast procedure' without OR=120202018-12-11NordDRG 2020
612Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorProperties of procedure codes AEA24/AESA24 and AEA27/AESA27 revisited20202018-11-28NordDRG 2020
611Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorPhysiotherapy with massage20192018-11-28Target version 2019
610Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorSubcodes of D758 ‘Other specified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs’ 20192018-11-28
609Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorCutaneous intervention with relation to deep infection – one impossible rule20192018-11-28Target version 2019
608Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorCodes with identical content must have same properties20202018-11-28
607Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorRemoving complication exclusion rules from common codes affects all versions (ex. E1080, E1170)20192018-11-28Target version 2019
606Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorDagger-asterisk pair and specific national subcode (example K2380*B3780) 20202018-11-28NordDRG 2020
605Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorFacial nerve paralysis with upper motor neuron disease (G83.6)20192018-11-28Target version 2019
603Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorError correction of PDGPROP and MDC i DRGlogic in SWE DRGlogic20192018-09-14
602Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorDeletion of DRG Z92N 'Saknad eller negativ vårdtid'20192018-09-14Target version 2019
601Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorClarification of a new rules for DRGlogic20192018-09-14
600Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorActivation of 06I10 'Complicated or bleeding gastric or bowel ulcer'20192018-09-06
599Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorRules with diagnosis properties wher all diagnosis with property belong to a CC category cannot separate CC and non-CC cases. 20192018-09-04
598Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorNorwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 201920192018-08-27Target version 2019
597Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMinorNCSP+ and ICD+ updates for 201920192018-08-22
596Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorFinnish changes to procedure classification20192018-08-22
595Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorSwedish logic changes to outpatient DRG's20192018-08-22
594Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorUpdates concerning Swedish NordDRG 2019 PR version20192018-08-16
592Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorError correction of NordDRG SWE 201820192018-02-26
587Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeMajorSplit of DRG A20N (570) ‘Insertion or replacement of nervous system central stimulation device’20192018-02-13Target version 2019
572Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeMinorRevision the grouping rules of DRG 041Q20192018-01-04Target version 2019
569Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorCorrection of the properties ABD32 Implantation of temporary spinal stimulation device20192018-01-02
568Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMajorDivision of DRG 359O 'Uterine and adnexal procedures for non-malignancy, short therapy' to 3 DRG's20192017-12-28Target version 2019
557Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMajorICD-PLUS and NCSP-PLUS for 201820182017-08-28Target version 2018
551Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveMinorFNG05 and TFP00 lead to DRG 115A Removal of permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator2017-04-05
549Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveNormalPsychiatry20182017-03-28
547Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveMajorNordDRG logic versions combined to one table. 2017-03-08
545Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveMajorRequests for development of the NordDRG grouper2017-02-22
540Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeMinorProcedures for ingrown nails20182017-02-22Target version 2018
533Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeMinorProblems with "missing values" in the NordDRG system2017-02-16
519Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveNormalEndovascular coiling of cerebral arteries2017-01-26
513Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveMajorPossible change of the PROCPROP of KGV30 and KGV40 (implementation or revision of penile prosthesis)20182017-01-20Expert Group 2017
508Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveNormalIntensive care in the NordDRG grouping logic2017-01-17Expert Group 2017
502Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeMajorDRG 316 Kidney failure – splitting into two groups– with and without cc and dialysis20182017-01-16Expert Group 2017
460Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveMinorSuggestions for a better upgrading process2016-01-28
446Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 Com20172016-01-07
445Nordic Casemix CentreMeeting ActiveNormalExpert Group Meeting20172016-03-14
444Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 EST20172016-01-29
443Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 LAT20172016-01-29
442Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 FIN20172016-01-29
441Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 ICE20172016-01-29
440Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 NOR20172016-01-29
439Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 DEN20172016-01-29
438Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 SWE20172016-01-29
434Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeMinorCandida infections as complicating dx20172015-10-07Expert Group 2016
426Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveNormalNew cases to NordDRG Forum2015-03-16
361Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 DEN20162015-01-01
360Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 ICE20162015-01-01

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