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Case 2009-MDC14-03 Procedures for ovarian pregnancy lacking property 14S11

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2014-01-21
Priority:NormalSpent time:-
Target version:Expert Group 2009
Initiator:Norway Target year:2010
MDC:MDC14 Owner / responsible:
Target Grouper:COMMON, DEN, EST, FIN, ICE, LAT, NOR, SWE Old forum status:CLOSITEM - Closed item


Last updated: 2009-03-20
Status: CLOSITEM - Closed item
Initiated: 2009-02-03
By: Norway
Expert Network 2009-02-26 - Change recommended
Board 2009-03-20 - Recommendation accepted


Ovarian pregnancies treated by resection of the ovary are not grouped properly. The expected result is 378N ‘Operation for ectopic pregnancy’ or 378O ‘Procedures for ectopic pregnancy, short therapy’ depending of length of stay. The actual result is quite different, depending on additional coding.

Relevant codes and logic

LAD01 ’Laparoskopisk reseksjon av ovarium’ has the following properties:

LAD00 ’Reseksjon av ovarium’ has the same properties.

O002 ‘Svangerskap i eggstokk’ has the following properties:

Relevant DRG logic:

Examples of procedures already having property 14S11:


PROCPR 14S11 is added to the properties of LAD00 and LAD01 so that may be grouped to DRG 378O and 378N.


Expert Network 2009-02-26

The meeting recommended to accept the proposal to add proc.prop 14S11 to the properties LAD00 and LAD01. They will be grouped to DRG 378O and 378N.


Technical changes

LAD00 (LASD00 Partial excision of ovary) and LAD01 (LASD01 Laparoscopic partial excision of ovary) are given property 14S11 ‘Procedures for ectopic pregnancy’.

DRG changes

Cases with ectopic pregnancy and LASD00 or LASD01 are assigned to DRG 378N/378O.



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