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Task #11: Delivery of minor update proposals for NordDRG 2015

Difference in the properties of corresponding dx’s in different countries

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2014-03-11
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Assignee:Martti Virtanen
Target version:Expert Group 2014
Initiator:Nordic Casemix Centre Target year:2015
MDC: Owner / responsible:National organisations, Nordic Casemix Centre
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This is a summary of the analyses of the differences between the countries in the properties of the diagnoses.

The huge number of differing codes is based on a few types of obvious errors (3097 cases) that shall be corrected without further discussion. These are marked with red in the note column and ‘-‘ in the case column of the attached table.

Another as large group are the situations where Danish diagnoses corresponding to code pairs in WHO version of the classification have inherited properties from both parents (3038 cases). This is not a problem because the grouping is correct and even the properties comparison on case to case level shows no problem. However, it is worth to note, that this may create a small difference in the coding and through that some differences in the DRG – it is easier to use this type of information in the Danish disease registration. These cases are marked with green text.

Please not that there more than these cases, but because there problem in the other national versions they are reported as problems (see case x on dagger-asterisk problems). All together there are 5917 code pairs.

dgdiffprob differences in properties.xlsx (1.58 MB) Anonymous, 2014-03-18 09:51

Dgdiffprob differences in properties.xlsx - Corrected version (1.58 MB) Martti Virtanen, 2014-03-27 13:40

Dgdiffprob differences in properties Comments by NPK.xlsx (1.63 MB) Mats Fernström, 2014-04-23 12:14


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Comment Expert Group 2014-03-25

Marttis proposes to harmonize the versions and see if it will affect the grouping.
This proposal is accepted.

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2014-03-27 Martti Virtanen

I found one missed case from the table. It marked added case. We need to get the opinion of the countries on that by e-mail.

Technical change

The lines marked with red text in the note-column in the attached table shall be performed as instructed in the note.
40P80 has been forgotten from LAT. Because of the large number of the properties a separate file with these additions will be delivered later.

DRG change

I do not expect that any of these changes will affect grouping in any national version.

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Mats Fernström, NPK, Sweden 2014-04-23
We have studied Marttis file "Dgdiffprob differences in properties.xlsx" and made comments. See attached "Dgdiffprob differences in properties Comments by NPK.xlsx". In most cases, but not all, we agree with Martti. It is important that Martti looks at our comments before the definition tables are done.

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