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Polyneuropathy in infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere (G6300) – central nervous system infection?

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2014-03-11
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Assignee:Martti Virtanen
Target version:Expert Group 2014
Initiator:Nordic Casemix Centre Target year:2015
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Polyneuropathy is an inflammatory reaction in the nervous system in this case to an infection elsewhere in the body. In SWE it has property 01M99 ‘Other disorders of the nervous system’ whereas the others have 01M09 ‘Infections except viral meningitis’.

G6300 is a asterisk code. It is probably only rarely used.

Both models are understandable, but the mapping codes must have same diagnosis category.

Technical change

Replace 01M99 with 01M09 in SWE for G6300

DRG change

Few cases with G6300 as principal dx are assigned to DRG 020 instead of DRG 034/035 as conservative inpatients.


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Comment Expert Group 2014-03-25

Swedish property added to all other versions.

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2014-03-26 Martti Virtanen

Technical change

Replace 01M09 with 01M99 for G6300 in all versions

DRG change

Few cases with G6300 as principal dx are assigned to DRG 034-035 (A69x) ‘Other disorders of nervous system’ instead of DRG 020 (A52x) ‘Nervoussystem infection except viral meningitis’ as conservative inpatients.

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