Case #351

Intravascular radioactive therapy of malignancies in liver

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2014-10-20
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Target version:Expert Group 2015
Initiator:Sweden Target year:2015
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This case was discussed at the NordDRG expert meeting in 2014-08. It has been missed in the reporting.

A new technique with intravascular radiotherapy using currently 90Ytrium particles has been developed for liver malignancies and is used at least in Sweden. The method has a new intervention code JJOA00 'Brachytherapy of liver' (DJ026 'Selektiv tillförsel av radioaktiva 90Yttrium mikrosfärer (i)')

This technique can only be used with malignancies bt the principal dx's is not always that of liver malignancy. To avoid problems with this an assignment rule is necessary to assign the cases to correct DRG when other principal diagnoses are used.

Technical change:
A new procedure property 07S09 'Brachytherapy of liver or pancreas' is created

The procedure JJJOA00 is given the new property 07S09.

Three new rules are added immediately after current row 407D150026.
First row: DRG - 203M, ICD - +,PROCPRO1 - 07S09, COMPL - 2
Second row: DRG - 203M, ICD - +,PROCPRO1 - 07S09, COMPL - 1
Third row: DRG - 203M, ICD - +,PROCPRO1 - 07S09

DRG change:
Even cases without principal dx of malignancy are assigned to the Cancer drg's in MDC 07 when liver brachytherapy is perfomed.


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