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Norwegian codes for cytostatic medication

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Norway has introduced a number of codes for different routs of cytostatic theapy as group WBOCxx '... medikamentell svulstbehandling'
WBOC05 - intreavenous
WBOC10 - intramuscular
WBOC15 - subcutaneous
WBOC20 - peroral
WBOC35 - intrathecal
WBOC30 - intravesical
WBOC32 - intraperitonealT
WBOC34 - intrapleural
WCOC39 - uncpecified route

In NCSP+ all codes of this type have been linked accordic to the route i.e. intravenous to intravenous (ZXXX20), intramuscular to intramuscular (ZXXX14), etc. Bcause of this the codes have properties according to the route with minor effects on DRG assignment.

However, Norway wants these codes not to have route properties but to have a common property 40V56 'Cancer drug treatment'. The 'V' series of procedure properties is originally developed to be used in Swedish version. This new property, is however not in use in Swedish versions and can be used by Norway.

By linking all these codes to WCO103 'Simple adjuvant cytostatic therapy' the property proposed by Norway may be given to these codes. The other propeties that the codes shall then get (99T00 and 17X03) are not in use in Norwegian version and will not affect the DRG assignmet.
The information on route is obviously lost in the translation. A new NCSP+ version is needed.


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