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Split of DRG 814P (Spontaneous or drug induced abortion)

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2015-02-12
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Assignee:Kristiina Kahur
Target version:Expert Group 2015
Initiator:Finland Target year:2016
MDC:MDC14 Owner / responsible:National organisations
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We would like partially open the case 92 (see concerning the grouping rules of abortion. However, the proposal concerns only DRG 814P (Spontaneous or drug induced abortion), the other proposal remain closed as decided on 18th of March 2014.

The current grouping rules in Finnish 2015 version for DRG 814P are based on DRGPROP 14X31 (Abortion), which has been given to 51 diagnosis codes and six procedure codes. Among the latter is also the code LCH11 (in NCSP+ LCHX12 Peroral introduction of abortifacient).

The cost analysis shows that the mean cost of cases within DRG 814P with proc code LCH11 is ca two times more expensive compared to the rest of cases within DRG 814P without proc code LCH11.
V% of new group would be 35.5%. See more precise results below or in Appendix 1.

Split the current DRG 814P into two:
1) cases with dx property 14X31 (Abortion) with NCSP LCH11
2)cases with dx property 14X31 (Abortion) without NCSP LCH11
The name of new DRG would be “Drug induced abortion”
The name of existing DRG 814P has to be revised and would be “Spontaneous abortion”

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2015-02-18 Martti Virtanen
The proposal is creating yet another outpatient group.
To do this LCXH12 'Peroral introduction of abortifacient' would need to be given a new property. LCXH12 has a number of linked codes that at least for Swedish part include codes like ZL006 'Hemabort' that propably should not be included in this new group. Therefore we need to think also on NCSP+ mappings for this case.

#3 Updated by Ralph Dahlgren over 6 years ago

Sweden can not help with cost data since the procedure code LCH11 do not excist in Sweden. Added to that is a fact that in open daycare Swedish cost data does not include the cost of drugs.
The code LCH11 can out of a Swedish perspective have whatever grouping properties that is desired.
This is nothing that we want to have done in the Swedish NordDRG.
Finland is welcome to have it introduced.

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2015-03-05 Martti Virtanen
It is true that Sweden has no LCH11. However there are 3 codes that are linked to LCXH12.

As can be seen above, code with same or similar content exist in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Latvia. Only Estonian version does not include any codes for this kind of intervention.

#5 Updated by Ralph Dahlgren over 6 years ago

Sweden does not support this idea of splitting this DRG P23O/814P into two. In Sweden there are a lot of discussions about abortion already. The discussion is a lot about morals and integrity. This makes the suggestion not acceptable in Sweden.

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2015-03-13 Expert group/MV
The proposal is accepted only for Finland. NordDRG NOR has already a rule for this situation. It is copied to NordDRG FIN

Technical change
NordDRG NOR rule 100D70103 is copied to NordDRG FIN

DRG change
Outpatient cases with LCH11 will be assigned to DRG 814S

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  • Target version changed from Minor-Proposals-for-2016 to Expert Group 2015

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