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Case 2007-MDC05-02 DRG 115A “Revisjon eller fjerning av pacemaker eller defibrillator” and procedures with proc 05S42

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Last updated: 2007-04-12
CLOSITEM - Closed item
Initiated - 2007-03-16
By: Norwegian Directorate of Health and Social Affairs
Expert Network 2007-03-28 - Change recommended
Steering Group 2007-04-11 - Recommendation accepted

The Norwegian clinicians wonder why some of the pacemaker/defibrillator procedures have OR=1 and others OR=2. We have a suggestion to change that we wish to discuss at Nordic level.

The following procedures have procedure property 05S42:
Utskifting av transvenøs pacemaker elektrode
Fjerning av pacemaker eller cardioverter-defibrillator med transvenøs ekstraksjon av elektrode
Fjerning av pacemaker eller cardioverter-defibrillator med åpen ekstraksjon av transvenøs elektrode
Fjerning av pacemaker eller cardioverter-defibrillator med epikardial elektrode
Annen fjerning av pacemaker eller cardioverter-defibrillator
Revisjon av pacemaker-pulsgenerator eller –elektrode
Temporær transvenøs eller epikardial pacemaker

Only procedures which have OR1 property are grouped to DRG 115 A. FPH10, FPH20 and FPH96 have OR1 property, while FPE40, FPH00, FPJ00 and TEP00 have OR2 property.

The table below shows the use of the procedures listed above, per 2.tertial 2006. The table also shows which DRG the procedures are grouped to.

Suggested changes:
We suggest that the following procedures get OR1 property: FPE40, FPH00, FPH10 and FPJ00

Expert Network 2007-03-28
Changes recommended that only procedures FPSE49 (FPE40) and FPSH00 (FPH00) will be changed to OR1, they are a rather expensive procedure and are unusual in short therapy.

Technical change:
Procedures FPSE49 (FPE40) and FPSH00 (FPH00) will be changed to OR1.
DRG change:
Cases with the listed procedures will be assigned to surgical DRG's
NordDRG 2008

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