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Retroperitoneal fibrosis

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Retroperitoneal fibrosis is a condition that is not include in ICD-10 WHO version. It is however a condition with sufficient frequency to need raportation.

In ICD-10 'retroperitoneal fibrosis' is linked the most typical manifestation 'Kinking and stricture of ureter without hydronephrosis' (N13.5) or with infection to 'PyonephrosisPyonephrosis' (N13.6).

Denmark has added a code for 'Retroperitoneal fibrosis without hydronephrosis' (DM728D) as a subgroup of M728 'Other fibroblastic disorders'.
Sweden has added a new code 'Retroperitoneal fibrosis' (K662) as new category under K66 'Other disorders of peritoneum'.
Norway has adabted the same code as Sweden.

In principal the code of Sweden and Norway is not correct since the condition is not a 'disorder of peritoneum'. The Danish coding is correct. For example Norway has added subgroups of M728 for different locations.

Sweden proposes this dx to be assigned as codes in K66 group, i.e. to MDC 06, dgkat 06M99 and additionally to have propety 15X98 'Other significant problem of neonate'.

The correct placing with linkage to dx M728 would result in MDC 08.

The condition has mainly abdominal symptoms when it is not affecting ureters (see f.ex.

The expert group autumn 2016 meeting recommended that 'Retroperitoneal fibrosis without hydronephrosis' is added to ICD+ with the code M728I. This code, although technically a subgroup of M728 is an independt code and will have the properties proposed by Sweden. The Den - DM728D, Swe K662 and Nor K662 are linked to ICD+ M728I and will thus have the same properties.

In other countries this condition is coded either with M728 or wiht N135/6. This will obviously give a diffrent grouping in DRG.

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