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K66.2 Retroperitoneal fibrosis

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Assignee:Hanne Osnes-Ringen
Target version:Target version 2017
Initiator:Norway Target year:2017
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K66.2 retroperitonel fibrosis replaces the code N13.5 in Norway. We therefore would like the code K66 to have the same properties that the code N13.5 had. It seems like K66.2 is given the same properties that the code M72.0. It seems more likely that K66.2 rather should have the same properties that M35.5 or N13.5 have. M72.0 is the code for dupuytrens contracture which is fibrosis mainly related to the hand. M35.5 is a code for systemic affection of the connective tissue, however affection of the systemic tissue is mainly a problem when it affects particular parts of the body. Retroperitonel fibrosis is mainly a problem when it strangulates other organs, like the urethra (N13.5).

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#2 Updated by Mats Fernström over 4 years ago

Mats Fernström, NPK, SWEDEN 2017-03-05.
The code was discussed in case #488 and we are happy with the decision there.

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We support the recommended solution in #488 and withdraw this case.

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Withdrawn by Norway

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