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Injection of therapeutic agent into or percutaneous occlusion of iliac artery (PDST30) in gynegolocigal problems

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2017-04-11
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Initiator:Nordic Casemix Centre Target year:2017
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Initiated: 2017-04-11
Initiator: Martti Virtanen: Nordic Casemix Centre
Sent to NordDRG Forum: 2107-04-11
Injection of therapeutic agent into or percutaneous occlusion of iliac artery (PDST30/PDT30) has the a property for MDC 12 ‘Diseases and disorders of the male reproductive system’ 12S08 ‘Other male reproductive system OR procedure’. For some reason the corresponding property for MDC 13 ‘Diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system’ i.e. 13S08 ‘Other female reproductive system OR procedure‘ is missing.
It is possible the property has been accidentally deleted but at least in 2012 NordDRG it was already missing.
Anatomically branches of Iliac artery include for example Uterine artery and it is thus obvious that occlusion or other intervention may be performed for gynecological indications.
The property 13S08 must be added to PDST30 and all linked national codes.
DRG change
DRG changes are rare because most of the interventions are performed together with other interventions that more specifically define the DRG. I rare cases the grouping to DRG 468 may be avoided.
This is an obvious error that has been corrected already


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