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Activation of 06I10 'Complicated or bleeding gastric or bowel ulcer'

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Technical change because of new NDMS

06I10 the inactive form of 'Complicated or bleeding gastric or bowel ulcer' is activated by both 06X02 'Complicating factor in gastric ulcer' or 06X03 'G.I. hemorrhage'. This demands 2 rows in the kompkat -table (Complication_category_name -table in the new system.
Technically this is very complicated and since this is the only occasion of this type of problem, it is better to solve the problem by changing the activating factor to a new property 06X10 'G.I. hemorrhage or other complication of G.I. ulcer'. This property is given to all dx with 06X02 or 06X03. The properties 06X02 and 06X03 are still used in the drglogic and remain active.
This technical change will not affect DRG assignment.
The change will be done in NordDRG 2020, not in 2019 versions.
A technical change table with the list of affected codes will be available later.

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