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Facial nerve paralysis with upper motor neuron disease (G83.6)

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Sweden has introduced a new code G83.6 ‘Facial nerve paralysis with upper motor neuron disorder’. The code is not in the official WHO 2016 version of ICD-10. However it has been proposed as change and I assume in principal accepted.

Sweden proposes that G8360 shall have the same properties as G8380 ‘Other specified paralytic syndromes’

The proposal from Nordic Casemix Centre was to link the new code to G5180 ‘Other disorders of facial nerve’
G8380 is much less specific and misses the point of facial nerve problem.

A new code G8360 is created in ICD+. For 2019 the properties will be the same as G8380. ForDRG 2020 it should have same properties as G5180 since it is really one form of facial palsy

Technical change
New code G8360 ‘Facial nerve paralysis with upper motor neuron disorder’
G8360 shall have the properties:
01M99 ‘Other disorders of the nervous system’
15X98 ‘Other significant problem of neonate’
For NordDRG 2020 it shall have properties:
01M08 ‘Cranial and peripheral nerve disorders’
01P05 ‘Other neurological problem’
40P80 ‘Same day emergency care conditions’ (only used in NordDRG-Nor)
15X98 ‘Other significant problem of neonate’

DRG change
Currently the code G8360 is only used by Sweden (G836) and the changes for 2019 at least will only affect Sweden.
In 2019 version G8360 will result in different modifications DRG 034 (A62x) ‘Other disorders of nervous system’
In 2020 version G8360 will result in different modifications of DRG 018 (A51x) ‘Cranial & periferal nerve disorders’

Technical Changes for C782 #605 on Forum for Sweden 2010223.xlsx (14.9 KB) Ralph Dahlgren, 2019-02-23 15:00

Technical changes case #605.xlsx (19.6 KB) Martti Virtanen, 2019-05-08 13:53


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  • Subject changed from Facial nerve paralysis with upper motor neuron disease (G38.6) to Facial nerve paralysis with upper motor neuron disease (G83.6)
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#2 Updated by Ralph Dahlgren 4 months ago

2019-02-23 Ralph Dahlgren
There are two ways of looking att this.
One is that WHO did create the code to specify some disases fron G83.8 Andra specificerade förlamningssyndrom (Other specified paralytic syndromes). If looking at it that way it should have the same grouping properties as G83.8.
But as always in this type of discussion there are at least one other side.
Because as Martti writes 'it is really one form of facial palsy'. This is true and this is the pragmatic way of looking att things and Sweden agrees to Marttis suggestion.
Technical Changes is included since Sweden has to have those to make the Changes in our definitiontables that is done in Sweden. The Nordic Centre change the mapping and then Everything is done.

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2018-03-11 Expert group
The proposal was accepted.

#4 Updated by Martti Virtanen about 1 month ago

2019-05-08 Nordic Casemix Centre/Martti Virtanen
Since there was som misunderstanding about the case I created the technical changes documentation for this case.
It illustrates the effect of a mapping change to the defintion tables.
The Swedis code is now mapped (more correctly to G5180 which results in two new pooperties and removal of one property. There is no change in the combined Dg-property table, only in mapping table

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