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Dagger-asterisk pair and specific national subcode (example K2380*B3780)

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Dagger-asterisk-pair that has been substituted by a national (sub)code cannot be listed as a pair in national definition tables. The system will automatically select the added code instead of the pair.
Thus any property that is given to a pair (not either part of it but only to the pair) will appear in the definition tables with the added code and not the pair.
Properties that are given to either part of the pair will appear in the definition tables with the original codes and with the added code.
In the national patient registration one must use the added national code and not the pair to get the properties of the pair to the patient case.
K2380*B3780 ‘Candidiosis of oesophagus’
Swedish national code B378D ‘Candidiosis of oesophagus’
K2380*B3780 (and B378D) belong to complication category 18C04 ‘Candidiosis’. B3780 (nor K2380) does not belong to this category. In the Swedish version definition K238*B378 is replaced by B378D.
In the hypothetical situation that somebody would use Swedish codes K238*B378 (as a secondary dx) this would not be regarded as complicating factor to the patient case. However, B378D would qualify. The only way around this problem seems to be that B378D is maintained as separate code (only used by Sweden) in ICD+ that causes some maintenance problems if the properties of the codes change. It also creates unnecessary repeating in the classification (braking in principle the structure of the classification)
No suggestion, K2380*B3780 should be removed from the NordDRG Swe definition tables.


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2019-03-04 NCC (MV)
See also case #608

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2019-03-11 Expert group
Sweden cannot deny the use of the code pair K3280*B3780.
Therefore we add a new code to ICD+ B378D 'Candidal esofagitis (SWE)'. It is marked 'SWE' to avoid it's use by mistake in any other version. The content and properties are the same ad K3280*B3780.

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