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Cutaneous intervention with relation to deep infection – one impossible rule

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Target version:Target version 2019
Initiator:Nordic Casemix Centre Target year:2019
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By rule 190D060030 (Fin) combination of intervention with 08S12 ‘Soft tissue procedure’ without OR=1 but with general anaesthesia (00X10) and with principal property 08P03 ‘Cutaneous diagnosis with relation to deep infection’ should be assigned to DRG 227O (Fin)
All 08P03 codes are skin codes (MDC 09)
All codes with 08S12 that have OR=2 are skin interventions.
The preceding rule 190D060020 takes all cases where 08S12 interventions that have OR=1.
Thus the rule 190D060030 for DRG 227O is impossible because the cases are assigned by previous rules. Those without OR=1 are assigned to MDC 09 DRG’s
Technical change
The rule 190D060030 must be inactivated
DRG change


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2019-03-11 Expert group
The prosal was accepted.

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