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Surgery - short therapy

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From 2018, selected DRGs with equal procedures and where the patients are comparable (short length of stay) provide the same activity-based reimbursement regardless of whether the patient is being treated as an outpatient or is admitted overnight. The purpose of this change is to support the objective of less variation in the proportion of day surgery between hospitals by reducing the incentive to make the patients stay overnight.

We have not made any technical changes to the DRGs, as we have maintained the DRGs for day surgery. A DRG change by grouping both short therapy and inpatients in the same DRG have though been discussed.

This case is mainly reported as information to other countries, but we also appreciate any comments you might have on this issue.

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#1 Updated by Ralph Dahlgren 9 months ago

2019-02-15 Ralph Dahlgren
This sounds also as a good idea as a principle. Since you in Norway has looked inte this we in Sweden do not need no Technical Changes. But we would like to see a list of the DRG that you have been looking at to be able to look and compare with Swedish data. This way we can see if we can do something similar in Sweden.

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2019-03-06 NCC (MV)
A simple way to solve the proposed grouping is to change the limit of lenth of stay (LOS) of short therapy for surgical groups to <3 days (LOS= day of discharge - day of admission +1)
The attached Technical changes document illustrates the content of the modified rows.
Inpatient care for these groups would then mean at least 2 nights at hospital.

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2019-03-11 Expert group
Expert accepted that Norway may use specific rules. NOrway has to specify the changes they need as technical changes.

The technical changes was not the correct version. It is now updated.

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