Case #641

Missing plus signs in ICD field in Drglogic

Added by Mats Fernström 9 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

Status:Re-activatedStart date:2019-03-05
Priority:Error correctionSpent time:-
Assignee:Mats Fernström
Target version:NordDRG 2020
Initiator:Sweden Target year:2020
Case type:Error correction Owner / responsible:
MDC:GEN Old forum status:
Target Grouper:SWE


This is an error correction. If there is a value in any of the fields mdc, pdgprop or dgcat1 in the table Drglogic there should always be a plus sign in the field icd but in three rules in the Swedish version and one rule in the Norwegian version this plus sign is missing. This does not affect the grouping but we still want the plus signs because then we can give structured information to the new manual, NordDRG Explorer, like this:
• Minus sign in ICD = Diagnosis must not be present.
• Empty in ICD = For inpatient care, doctor visits and team visits, any diagnosis that is allowed as principal diagnosis, otherwise no demand for a diagnosis.
• Plus sign in ICD but empty in both MDC, PDGPROP and DGCAT1 = any diagnosis that is allowed as principal diagnosis.
Thus we want a plus sign in the field ICD in the Swedish rules with ORD #00D003321, #00D003322 and #00D003326 (= #00D003325 in the SoS version) and we recommend a plus sign also in the Norwegian rule with ORD 124D000061. We don’t think that this minor correction must cause a change of the rules ID or ORD. In the SoS version, however, we will change the rule ORD #00D003325 to #00D003326 as an adaptation to the NCC version. Technical changes are attached in the file TC_C801.xlsx. There will be no DRG change.

TC_C801.xlsx (18.9 KB) Mats Fernström, 2019-03-05 10:17


#1 Updated by Martti Virtanen 8 months ago

2019-03-08 NCC (MV)
All these rules obviously must have ICD-code because there is either MDC, DGCAT or PDGPROP that all demand a diagnosis. The addition of the '+' does however not change the grouping.
Thus the '+' will be added to all these rows.

#2 Updated by Martti Virtanen 8 months ago

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#3 Updated by Mats Fernström 7 months ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Re-activated

Mats Fernström, NPK Sweden 2019-04-08 (Swe ID C801)
We do not want the changes for the Swedish rules in this case to be implemented because they are overruled by the decided changes in case #642 / C808.

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