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Delivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables EST

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The NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables are ready for checking by national organisations.

The tables have been produced by using new NDMS. In general, they follow the logic of previously used tables. However, some differences exist, e.g. the names of the single sheets have been changed and some other changes have been made in order to correspond to the NDMS.

We are aware of some technical errors in definition tables, e.g. some diagnosis and procedure features are included in national definition tables although they are not in use in national versions. Those redundant features do not affect the grouping of the cases in national version though. The errors will be fixed asap in NDMS.

We kindly ask you to check the tables and leave any feedback or comments below at corresponding national version ticket at your earliest convenience.

Ndrg-EST2020PL0_Excel transport file base - 2019-05-16.xlsx - EST 2020PL0 (4.84 MB) Kristiina Kahur, 2019-05-20 12:04


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As there were some technical errors in features of diagnoses and procedures our main focus during testing was on logic table and drg names table only.
We realized that there are some DRGs included in 2020PL version which have been inactivated in Estonian version in 2016. The DRGs are as follows:
Those DRGs are not in drg names table, but the rules exist in logic table. We suggest deleting the respective rules related to abovementioned DRGs in logic table.
In addition, we noticed that in logic table the rule for DRG 483 (ID 70003008000) is in wrong place in the hierarchy and should be moved down before the rule 499D999999 for DRG 477.
Other than that those two tables looked ok. As said, we did not check the feature tables.

We would be interested in getting the Nordic DRG grouper for testing the 2020 PR tables.

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