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Error corrections 20191011 for some of the conservatory outpatient visits DRG that are 'doctors visits' do not have 'OR N'

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Some of the conservatory outpatient visits DRG that is 'doctors visits' have 'OR N' but some don't, at least in Sweden. This we think is an error.
It must have been so that when creating these outpatient DRGs it was forgotten to put' OR N' in.
The enlopsed Excelfile, 'Error correction in SWE DRGlogic dish N for doctors visit.xlsx' contains rows from the Swedish DRGlogic that is rows for 'Doctors visits', konservative outpatients DRGs that has corresponding DRG for incare that lacs 'OR N'in outpatients DRG.
Some of these DRG are common for everyone but Sweden has our own rows.
Look at the sheet 'DRGlogic', the common DRGs are coloured (filter green for common DRG). The changes are specific for Swedish rows, that is controlled. Sweden wants this to be corrected for the Swedish definitiontables 2020. The sheet 'DRGlogic' contains the DRG that are involved in Sweden, mostly Primary care. Futher down are the outpatient doctor visits that the specific rows are in use for Sweden only. But since there are DRG common it means that the same DRG occurs in other countries aswell, Sweden has 'Dur <1'. That makes the difference. So if anyone wants to do the same correction you have to give notice to the Nordic Casemix Centre.
As everyone knows the 'OR N' means: N = OR-property with value 1 must not occur but OR property with value 2 is allowed This means naturally that procedures without any OR also is allowed.
I also iclude an Excell-file with the Swedsih technical changes, as mentioned before only 'N' is added to some DRG for some conservatory outpatient doctors visits.


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The suggested changes have been introduced into NDMS and the case can be closed.

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