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OR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."

Added by Anja Fagervold 14 days ago.

Status:ActiveStart date:2020-02-14
Priority:MinorSpent time:-
Assignee:Anja Fagervold
Target version:Target version 2021
Initiator:Norway Target year:2021
Case type:Minor Owner / responsible:National organisations
MDC:OR Old forum status:
Target Grouper:NOR


For different "Injection of…" procedurecodes in Chapter P 'Peripheral vessels and the lymphatic system' (in the Norwegian Procedural codes classification) the OR-property is not consistent. Some have OR 1 and others have OR 2. We find this unlogical and think it is more medically correct that they all have OR 2. We will therefore change OR 1 to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…" in chapter P (see technical specification).

We have tested this change with the DRG-grouper and there are very few cases that change DRG by changing the OR-property for these 44 procedurecodes. With testdata of 2,6 million cases (all Norwegian cases in the DRG-grouping material from tertial 1), 77 cases changes DRG grouping from surgical DRGs to mainly medical DRGs. This minor change is medically argumented and cost analysis is therefore not necessary. Technical specification added.

Technical specification_case 685.xls (116 KB) Anja Fagervold, 2020-02-14 16:29

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