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Managing codes' text fields containing a semicolon ( ; ) character in NDMS

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There are many rows in the diagnosis and procedure tables where a text field contains a semicolon ( ; ) character, e.g. ‘Exploration of peripheral nerve; tibial’ or ‘Biopsy of vertebra; open’.
This causes columns to be misaligned on those rows when opening the exported csv since the csv columns are semicolon separated.

A solution to the above issues provided by Eficode (NCC’s partner in managing NDMS) would be to use a forward slash separator with spaces around it so that ';' is changed to ' / ' in the text.
This should be taken into account when updating diagnoses and procedure classifications into NDMS. Outside NDMS the code text still can include ‘;’ without problem.

This should be discussed during expertgroup meeting to make sure everyone agrees on that.


#1 Updated by Mats Fernström 7 months ago

Mats Fernström, the National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden 2020-02-26
We reject this proposal. If all the countries involved must change their code texts, it means a lot of work for many people, a work that must be repeated year after year. In Sweden, it is also not us who work with NordDRG that decides how the texts shall look like. Furthermore - our code text files for diagnosis codes and procedure codes contain about 350 and 1500 posts, respectively, where “/” is included in the text, so Eficode's proposal would not solve the problem. Our counterproposal is that Eficode chooses another separator that does not exist in any country's code text files. In Sweden, #,%, & or tabs do not appear in the code texts.

#2 Updated by Mats Fernström 7 months ago

Mats Fernström, the National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden 2020-03-09
There was a misunderstanding in my comment 2020-02-26. I thought that Eficode suggested forward slash as a separator. However, we still want Eficode to choose another separator than semicolon and choose a separator that does not exists in any of the countries definition tables but # was not a good idea since it is used in some of our DRG codes. _(We are the customer and we have to decide how our tables should look, not Eficode).

#3 Updated by Kristiina Kahur 6 months ago

Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 17-3-2020 (Epert group 2020-03-09)

In NDMS the correction was made and in all national codes' texts which are currently containing semicolon (;) it will be replaced with backward slash ( \ ).

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