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In vitro fertilization

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Status:ActiveStart date:2020-02-18
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Assignee:Hanne Osnes-Ringen
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Initiator:Norway Target year:2021
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I Norway we have two DRGs for in vitro fertilization, DRG 359Q (new last year, after a split in DRG 359O) and DRG 813R.

The two DRGs:
DRG 359Q Intervensjoner på embryo eller prøverørsbehandling med mikroinjeksjoner (ISCI)dagkirurgisk behandling
DRG 813R Assistert befruktning.

DRG 359Q contain different procedures for retrieval of eggs and scopic procedures for assistant fertilization.
DRG 813R contains the other procedures for fertilization like transfer of embryo, ISCI and other likewise procedures.

The procedures in DRG 359Q have some higher costs than the procedures in DRG 813R.
When different procedures from 359Q and 813R are done at the same time we have a problem with the hierarchy of the DRGs.
We therefore would like to change the order for DRG 813R and 359Q, by moving DRG 359Q before DRG 813R and remove the property 13O05 from the two following procedures:
LCA30 Overføring av egg eller embryo til uterus ved assistert befruktning 13O02, 13O05
LCW30K Overføring av egg eller embryo til uterus ved assistert befruktning, ultralydveiledet 13O02, 13O05


#1 Updated by Martti Virtanen 7 months ago

2020-03-03 Martti Virtanen
The DRG 359O is not included in the NDMS. It seems to be one of the changes performed only in the Norwegian version.
The DRG 813R is also used only by Norway.

We hope that we will update NDMS with the Norwegian tables so that Norway will be able to use the new NDMS in their DRG work.

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