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The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare's National Codes of Professionals (SOSNYK)

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2020-04-29
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Target version:Target version 2021
Initiator:Sweden Target year:2021
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2020-04-29 Ralph Dahlgren
The codes for Professional Practicians in Sweden are developed for use in digital documentation, for reporting to registers and more.
The Codes also allows aggregation of occupational categories. The codes for occupational categories consist of five digits. The code contains originally code text, description text and exclusions.
In the Swedish NordDRG system we plan to use only code and code text.
SOSNYK can be used to describe which occupational category, for example nurse, performed a care measure procedure (KVÅ).
SOSNYK is based on professional codes in the Register of Healthcare Personnel, the National Board of Health and Welfare's regulations and general advice for specialist areas for doctors
(SOSFS 2015: 8), specialist directions for dentists (HSLF-FS 2017: 77) and the National Board of Health's description of specialist nurses.
The codes were published already in 2019-11-16, just after the Swedish definition tables were completed. So they cannot be used in 2020 NordDRG but we want them to be used if grouping with the PL2021 version that will be published in June.
Since Sweden is late and we do definition tables in Sweden the Centre do not have to implement this until later, that is very much an option.

National Board of Health and Welfare Sweden – 2020-04-29
These codes will only be used in Sweden.
There are no need for resource investigation since the majority are not new professions.
Sweden will keep the old professional codes that is in place in NCSP since they are to be used for quite a few years in the Primary care and Community Health and Welfare system.

National Board of Health and Welfare Sweden – 2020-04-29
Sweden wants these codes with grouping properties to be used in the PL2021 version definitiontables.

Decided changes
National Board of Health and Welfare Sweden – 2020-04-29
Sweden will implement these codes in our definition tables for PL2021. We will keep the old ones ones that are already in the NCSP file.
DRG change
There will be no DRG changes since the Professional practicians are already in the system.

Technical change
The technical changes are such that most of the new professional practicians will get the old grouping properties that belong to the category, example nurse and doctor. Some are new and will get grouping property as ‘Other care worker’.
Include with this case a File named “Decision C829 Swedish Codes of Professional Practicians (SOSNYK)”.


#1 Updated by Kristiina Kahur 2 months ago

Nordic Casemix Center/Kristiina Kahur 7-5-2020

To be able to add the codes to NDMS we need to link them with existing NCSP+ codes first or create new ones if there is no suitable existing NCSP+ code.
The properties of each new national codes will be given through NCSP+ code. To facilitate the work we would appreciate if you could add NCSP+ code to each national code in your previously attached file (sheet ncsp).

The administrative codes (starting with ZZ) in NDMS are as follows:
ZZZA10 Group of patients
ZZZA00 Team of care providers
ZZZA12 Family involvement
ZZZA30 Outside consultant
ZZ3226 Physiotherapist
ZZAA90 Participation of student in care
ZZ2221 Medical doctor
ZZZA02 Examination by team of care providers
ZZZA42 Procedure with specialist supervision
ZZ2230 Professional nurse
ZZ2445 Psychologist
ZZ2446 Social worker
ZZ3229 Other health professional
ZZ2232 Midwife
ZZ5131 Child-care worker
ZZ3231 Nursing associate professional
ZZAA00 Occupational therapist
ZZAA99 Other health personnel
ZZZA40 Consultation without direct patient contact
ZZ3232 Midwifery associate professional
ZZ5139 Other care worker
ZZXA00 Use of interpreter
ZZZA90 Outpatient visit
ZZZB00 Extra personnel
ZZZX00 Inpatient observation
ZZAA01 Audiotherapist
ZZAA02 Dietician
ZZAA03 Logotherapist
ZZAA04 Orthopist
ZZAA10 Psychiatric nurse
ZZAA20 Nursing asssistant
ZZZA11 Cohort
ZZZA14 Society involvement
ZZZA92 Patient hotel based care

If there is no suitable code, a new one has to be created.

Once the mapping is done we can check if the existing features given to NCSP+ codes suit with ones you are proposing in your Excel file (sheet proc 1). If not, we need to make corrections accordingly.

#2 Updated by Ralph Dahlgren about 1 month ago

2020-05-08 Ralph D
Here comes updated Technical Changes, this time with NCSP+ codes.

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  • Status changed from Active to Accepted

Nordic Casemix Center/Kristiina Kahur 12-5-2020

These changes have been made in NDMS 2021 tables. The change concerns only Sweden.

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