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This ticket is used for delivery of 2021 national definition tables (json, xls, csv). The delivery of tables and feedback from national organisations follows the NordDRG timetable 2021 (
We expect the feedback to PL0 tables during week 23 (June 1-5).

In Swedish version in diagnosis feature table the features of national diagnosis code D141A will be revised in PL1 version. The reason is that D141A is linked to common code J9980*B9770 and D141A should have the same features as the code pair. It is quite rare that single national diagnosis code is linked to common code code pair.
The current mapping system (nat code -> common code) in NDMS and the logic how the features of diagnosis codes or code pairs are displayed in Diagnosis Feature table are not taking into account this rear mapping of national code.
As said, this will be fixed asap. (1.97 MB) Kristiina Kahur, 2020-05-22 13:24

2020-05-22_SWE2021PL0.json (16.6 MB) Kristiina Kahur, 2020-05-22 13:25

2020-05-22_SWE2021PL0.xlsx (14.6 MB) Kristiina Kahur, 2020-05-22 13:25

Arbetskopia av DDJ_SOS_2021_DDJ_NDMS_2021_DDJ_2020-06-03_SWE_feedback.xlsx (9.59 MB) Kristiina Kahur, 2020-06-09 10:56


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Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 9-6-2020

The feedback from Sweden (sent by email on 8 of June 2020) is attached to this ticket.
NCC will go through it and make respective changes in NDMS or get back with issues which need clarification.

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