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MDC change in DRG group 340O Testes procedures, short therapy

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Status:ActiveStart date:2021-01-04
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Initiator:Estonia Target year:2021
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In Estonian grouper we have found MDC mismatch in group 340O . The primary MDC in this DRG should be MDC 12 ( Male reproductive system) instead on MDC 10 (Endocrine, Nutritional, and Metabolic System ), as the main intervention is surgery procedure on testis(testes) mainly done by urologists. Indeed, in some cases the reason for intervention might lay in endocrine system, but still, the surgical procedure NCSP codes should define the cases to surgical DRG group for male reproductive system MDC . I suggest, that MDC 12 should be given the main property for DRG group 340O.
Our data supports the change, as hospital cases with the analogue procedure and diagnosis, grouped into DRG 340 Testes procedures for non-malignancy, age 0-17, had MDC 12 ( not 10).


#1 Updated by Mats Fernström about 1 month ago

Mats Fernström, the National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden 2021-01-19 (Swe ID C872)
We understand that the suggestion is just a change in the table Drgnames and then we support this suggestion. As a matter of fact, our corresponding DRG (N12O Testikeloperationer, öppenvård) is already placed in MDC 12 in our SOS version.

#2 Updated by Elina Hermiö 26 days ago

In Finnish version DRG 340O belongs to MDC 12 as respective DRG in Swedish version and the suggestion is not relevant for Finland. It looks obvious that suggested change should be done in Estonian version.

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