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Kristiina Kahur 2014-01-13

In Spring 2013 FCG Consulting Ltd initiated a working group in order to analyse and, if possible also to develop, DRG grouping logic for rehab patients so that different organisations dealing with these patient groups could benefit from this.

There had been different initiatives in that area in Finland already going on where specific patient groups who needed rehabilitation care were involved. None of these initiatives were not explicitly linked to development of grouping logic though. At the same time, some prework was done already which was good starting point to gather the experts of this field and try to develop DRG grouping logic.

The first meeting took place in April 2013 were experts from different hospital district and also from KELA and private rehab care providers were invited.
The main topic of discussions was how to define rehabilitation patient in order to derive the data from database and analyse it. The biggest problem seemed to be that there is no good indicator which would differentiate rehab patients from other patients.
The conclusion by the end of the first meeting was that we continue with analysis of small patient groups (patients with hip replacement and patients with main or secondary diagnosis Z50) and discuss the results during next meeting.

The second meeting took place at the end of August 2013. The results of the performed analyses were discussed. The decision was made that based on current data it is not possible to define rehabilitation patient as long as there are no guidelines how to code the data of these patients in order to separate them from acute care patients. Hence, in that stage it was not possible to go further with development of DRG grouping logic.

In summary, as of January 2014 the work in this topic is stand by for as long as there will be common coding guidelines agreed, put in place and used by all parties involved in care and coding of rehab patients.


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Kristiina Kahur 2015-02-21

As of February 2015 FCG reinitiated the working group with slightly different focus compared to the previous one. However, the long-term aim is to develop patient classification system for rehab patients.
The first meeting will be held in May 2015 and more results (intermediate ones) will be reported later.

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Developing patient classification system for rehab patients -project is no longer active as there were no data or guidelines available.
We suggest this case will be closed.

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