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Adding rows to Swedish DRG X97O/R Vaccination

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Initiator:Sweden Target year:2022
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2021-09-05 Ralph D
By 2022, Sweden will get a DRG for vaccination in the specialized Open daycare. Issue # 764 'New DRG for Vaccination' that was discussed at Expertmeeting the spring of 2021.
Primary care has had this DRG since the start of DRG for Primary Care.
The Swedish Klassification rules are just specified for incare and doctors visits in open daycare. It is suggested from the Primary Classification Centre that every health care person responsible during a patient visit should do primary classification the same way as doctors do in the specialized open daycare. But it cannot be reinforced.
The problems are that the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare cannot decide how other professional categories should do except doctors.
From people in the health care system it has very rightly been pointed out some concern in connection with Case # 764 New DRG for Vaccination that will be introduced for Sweden in 2022. In several Swedish Counties the staff is not trained to use ICD-10 codes but trained to use procedure codes. These patient cases with staff that used procedure code will not be grouped to X97O Sjuksköterskebesök vaccinering (Primärvård) (Nurse Vaccination) even if vaccination is done. This new DRG X97O/R demands the use of ICD-10 codes.
This proposal is to correct this. Sweden want it to be possible to group to this DRG when using procedure code for Vaccination. The current DRG row is located above DRG Y83O Other nurse visits. Sweden wants to add a new DRGlogic row just below the new row for to X97O Sjuksköterskebesök vaccinering, both for Primary care and open daycare visits, that contains a procedure grouping property for vaccination. If adding this it will work.
For Sweden to be able to do thhis we need to introduce a new grouping property for our procedure code DT030 Vaccination, this will be procpr 40V58 Vaccination.
In DRGlogic two rows will be introduced, one for open daycare and one for Primary care. The rows will contain rtc '0', empty in the icd column, procpro01 40V58. Secpro 99V39, disch ‘N’, dur ‘<1’. For Primary care dgprop 99V50 too.
The lines must be directly below the current lines for DRG X97R / O Nurse visits vaccination / primary care. Sweden suggests that both the 'id' and 'ord' just having the numbers above and add '1' to be able to fit directly below the current rows. This means that these new rows will be placed directly under the two DRG X97O Sjuksköterskebesök vaccinering (Primärvård) (Nurse Vaccination) rows that we have now. Noone will be able to get inbetween.
For more specific information se the Excell-file 'TC C903 New row for DRG X97O/R Vaccination'.
Sweden wants this to be implemented for our 2022PR version.
It concerns only Sweden.
If NCC wants to change the suggested 'id' or 'ord' due to NDMS just let us know.
Sorry for being late.

TC C903 New row for DRG X97OR Vaccination.xlsx (20.4 KB) Ralph Dahlgren, 2021-09-05 16:19

TC_786_NDMS_15092021.xlsx (19.7 KB) Kristiina Kahur, 2021-09-15 16:44


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Nordic Casemix Centre/Kristiina Kahur 15-9-2021

This change is fairly easy to implement but it is difficult to create a testcase which would use two new rules and get grouped into respective DRGs. Should two new rules also have the PDGPRO 18P10 Vaccination?
Could you provide us with the testcases which would use those two new rules and would be assigned into respective DRGs.
TCs exported from NDMS are attached.

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