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Case 2013-GEN-05 Revision of DRGs for same day inpatient stays without significant procedures

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Status:AcceptedStart date:2013-10-21
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Initiator: Target year:2014
Case type:Major Owner / responsible:National organisations
MDC:CC Old forum status:CLOSITEM - Closed item
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Last updated: 2013-05-02

Status: CLOSITEM - Closed item

Initiated (date):2013

By: National Board of Health, Norway / Fredrik Hansen

Responsible at National DRG Centre: Kristin Dahlen, Leena Kiviluoto

National ID: HD-0063

Sent to NordDRG Forum (date): 23.4.2013

Problem and suggestion

The Norwegian modification for patient addmitted to hospital and discharged the same day will be revised (DD## DRG's)

These DRGs are meant to be rest groups mostly containing emergency cases in which the patient for medical reasons is treated as an inpatient but without staying overnight.

Some groups are combined. All new groups are given codes like 980? And new names. Some changes are made to other DRGs (i.e. endoscopy DRGs) so that these DRGs collect cases instead of the DD-DRGs. A new DRG for palliative care is introduced.

A new principal diagnosis property (pdgprop 40P80) for common same day emergency conditions is introduced as a new grouping criteria. This list is for the most empirical (based on frequency of conditions within same day emergency cases) and will be revised after testing of the PL0 version.

Cases not fulfilling this criteria will be assigned to a rest group 981X. This rest group will contain all former DD## cases not regrouped to other DRGs (including cases erroneously registered as inpatient instead of outpatient cases).

The dg changes for the 40P80 pdgprop are specified in a separate sheet in the Excel workbook, but can be handled along with all other dg changes.


DRG change

Technical change

10 new DRG's are created

A new principal diagnosis property is created:

40P80 ' Same day emergency care condition'

This property is given to 3647 codes listed in pdgprop_40P80.xlsx

Following rules are deleted from the NordDRG 2014 NOR version:

Following new rules are added. The column of drglogic not included will be empty for these rules.


NordDRG 2014 NOR

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