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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Target year Start date Target version
688Nordic Casemix CentreNDMSActiveNormalDelivery of stand-alone NDMS package and NDMS Manual2020-02-18
675Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveNormalDRG grouping of procedure code EGC30 Implant of jaw joint prothesis20212020-01-31Target version 2021
671Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveNormalSplit of DRG Z63O Healthcare administrative procedure without patient contact20212020-01-27Target version 2021
655Nordic Casemix CentreMeeting ActiveNormalTimetable for 2021 update process during 202020202020-01-01
652Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalUpdates of the primary classifications from Iceland20202019-07-04
650Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalUpdates of national primary classifications for 202020202019-07-04Target version 2020
549Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveNormalPsychiatry20182017-03-28
519Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveNormalEndovascular coiling of cerebral arteries2017-01-26
508Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveNormalIntensive care in the NordDRG grouping logic2017-01-17Expert Group 2017
446Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 Com20172016-01-07
445Nordic Casemix CentreMeeting ActiveNormalExpert Group Meeting20172016-03-14
444Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 EST20172016-01-29
443Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 LAT20172016-01-29
442Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 FIN20172016-01-29
441Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 ICE20172016-01-29
440Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 NOR20172016-01-29
439Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 DEN20172016-01-29
438Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2017 SWE20172016-01-29
426Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveNormalNew cases to NordDRG Forum2015-03-16
361Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 DEN20162015-01-01
360Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 ICE20162015-01-01
359Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 NOR20162015-01-01
357Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 FIN20162015-01-01
356Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveNormalNordDRG 2016 Com2015-01-28
336Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalTest2014-09-25
331Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPrimary classification updates in Finland 201420152014-07-15Primary classification updates 2014
330Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPrimary classification updates in Norway 201420152014-07-08Primary classification updates 2014
329Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPrimary classification updates in Sweden 201420152014-06-23Primary classification updates 2014
328Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPrimary classification updates in Iceland 201420152014-07-11Primary classification updates 2014
327Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPrimary classification updates in Estonia 20142015Primary classification updates 2014
109Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalCreate documentation how to use Git version control system2013-10-29
75Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveNormalRehabilitation20152013-09-03
73Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveNormalGrouping of out-patients (including Drugs)2013-09-03
72Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveNormalPrimary care grouping2013-09-03
70Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveNormalHand surgery development in sweden2013-01-01
45Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPublication of NordDRG manuals for Nordic Common version2015NordDRG tasks 2014
43Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPublication of table of changes of definition tables of Production versions from previous year with each change linked to case at issue in the List of Technical and DRG changes2015NordDRG tasks 2014
42Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPublication of Production version groupers 2015NordDRG tasks 2014
41Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPublication of NordDRG National Production versions (PR 1.0) definition tables to program suppliers2015NordDRG tasks 2014
40Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalComments and corrections to National PR0 version 2015NordDRG tasks 2014
39Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalPublication of NordDRG Nordic Common Production version (PR 1.0) definition tables to program suppliersNordDRG tasks 2014
38Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalDelivery of National PR0 definition tables with table of changes from PL1 version2015NordDRG tasks 2014
37Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalComments and corrections to Nordic Common PR0 version 2015NordDRG tasks 2014
36Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalDelivery of updated list of DRG changes and Technical changes for National versions to Datawell2015NordDRG tasks 2014
35Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalDelivery of Nordic Common PR0 definition tables with table of changes from PL1 version2015NordDRG tasks 2014
34Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalDelivery of updated list of DRG changes and Technical changes for National versions to Nordic Casemix Centre2015NordDRG tasks 2014
33Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalDelivery of updated NCSP+ and ICD+ and all basic classifications to Datawell2015NordDRG tasks 2014
32Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalDelivery of updated list of DRG changes and Technical changes for Common Nordic NordDRG2015NordDRG tasks 2014
30Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveNormalNCSP+ and ICD10+ update by Nordic Centre2015NordDRG tasks 2014
658Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveError correctionEST_DRG name correction 20202019-10-03
642Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveError correctionHarmonization of Swedish DRGs20202019-04-08NordDRG 2020
687Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorIn vitro fertilization20212020-02-18
686Nordic Casemix CentreNDMSActiveMinorManaging codes' text fields containing a semicolon ( ; ) character in NDMS2020-02-17
685Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorOR 1 is changed to OR 2 for 44 procedurecodes named "Injection of…."20212020-02-14Target version 2021
684Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorNCL19 Suture or reconstruction of muscle in elbow or forearm20212020-02-13Target version 2021
683Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorBreast lift/ mastopexy20212020-02-13Target version 2021
682Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorChronic uveitis treated with specific biological drug treatment should group to 808H in the Norwegian version20212020-02-13Target version 2021
679Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorAdding OR 2 to procedure codes related to injection into joint20212020-02-07NordDRG 2021
678Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorDGPROP 24X90 & 24X9920212020-02-06NordDRG 2021
677Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorChanging the features of diagnosis code U07.120202020-02-05
676Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorRemoval of COMPL 19C02 ‘Psychosis’ from diagnosis without psychosis20212020-02-04
674Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorHypertherm perfusion20212020-01-31NordDRG 2021
673Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorSepsis from 202020212020-01-30NordDRG 2021
672Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorC671 Deceased during daycare visit20212020-01-30
670Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorAdding to diagnosis code E6600 Obesity due to excess calories the complication category and E660A Metabolic syndrome (for discussion)20212020-01-27
669Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorChange of grouping the hemodialysis cases with main diagnosis from MDC10 from DRG 810O to 317O20212020-01-27
668Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorSeparating short therapy diabetes cases from DRG 910O20212020-01-27
667Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorSplit of DRG 296 Nutritional & misc metabolic disorders, age > 17 w cc into CC and MCC groups20212020-01-27
666Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorSplit of DRG 294 Diabetes age > 35 into non-CC, CC and MCC20212020-01-27
665Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorMerge of DRGs 286O Adrenal & pituitary procedures, short therapy and 289O Parathyroid procedures, short therapy20212020-01-27Target version 2021
664Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorInactivation of DRG 299B Biomodifier therapy of inborn error of metabolism. Change of DRG 299A to 299 in Finnish version20212020-01-27Target version 2021
663Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorError correction in Psychiatric open daycare for Sweden in DRGlogic.20202019-11-10Target version 2020
662Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorCC category coding and CC exclusions in NordDRG20212019-11-05Target version 2021
660Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorError corrections 20191011 for some of the conservatory outpatient visits DRG that are 'doctors visits' do not have 'OR N' 20202019-10-11
659Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorError correction of the Swedish definitionstables20202019-10-11
657Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMinorUpdated primary classifications for 202020202019-10-01
651Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorNorwegian changes to ICD-10 and procedurecodes for 202020202019-07-01Target version 2020
649Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMinorUppdates of the Swedish definitiontables for PL-version 202020202019-05-31NordDRG 2020
639Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveMinorNordDRG 2019 Swe definition tables20192019-02-26
638Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMinorNordDRG 2019 combined definition tables. 20192019-02-25
597Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMinorNCSP+ and ICD+ updates for 201920192018-08-22
596Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMinorFinnish changes to procedure classification20192018-08-22
551Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveMinorFNG05 and TFP00 lead to DRG 115A Removal of permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator2017-04-05
460Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveMinorSuggestions for a better upgrading process2016-01-28
689Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMajorMerging the Swedish outpatient DRGs M32P & M32Q for dialysis20212020-02-19NordDRG 2021
656Nordic Casemix CentreNDMSActiveMajorDelivery of Nordic DRG Grouper package2019-09-10
648Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables FIN20202019-05-20
647Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables SWE20202019-05-20
646Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables NOR20202019-05-20
645Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables EST20202019-05-20Target version 2020
644Nordic Casemix CentreVersionActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables LAT20202019-05-20
643Nordic Casemix CentreCaseActiveMajorDelivery of NordDRG 2020PL0 definition tables ICE20202019-05-20
557Nordic Casemix CentreTaskActiveMajorICD-PLUS and NCSP-PLUS for 201820182017-08-28Target version 2018
547Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveMajorNordDRG logic versions combined to one table. 2017-03-08
545Nordic Casemix CentreDevelopment initiativeActiveMajorRequests for development of the NordDRG grouper2017-02-22
513Nordic Casemix CentreQuestions and answersActiveMajorPossible change of the PROCPROP of KGV30 and KGV40 (implementation or revision of penile prosthesis)20182017-01-20Expert Group 2017
641Nordic Casemix CentreCaseRe-activatedError correctionMissing plus signs in ICD field in Drglogic20202019-03-05NordDRG 2020
620Nordic Casemix CentreCaseRe-activatedMinorHealthy person following sick20202019-01-24NordDRG 2020
616Nordic Casemix CentreCaseRe-activatedMajorDischarge information (transfer) not available anymore, change of the grouping rules of respective DRGs (391, 385A and 456)20202019-01-18
626Nordic Casemix CentreCaseFurther activeNormalIntegrating ICPC2 codes into NordDRG system20202019-02-08

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