Case #365

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 5 years ago

Removal of property 03x10 from code WX290

In 2013 in Finnish NordDRG version the DRGs (580-series) for dental care were introduced (see also Case #115).]]).
Since then there have been couple of changes in the grouping logic based on the feedback from hospitals. The last one was introduced in 2015 when two DRGs – 580J and 580G were merged (see also Case #261).

This The current proposal concerns NCSP code WAA290/WX290 'Other WX290 - Other blockade of nerve' nerve (in NCSP+ WAA290) which among the other properties has also the property 03X10 'Anesthesia (Anesthesia of mouth'. mouth). By using the code WX290 in dental care, the cases (Case #115 in 2013) are mainly assigned to DRG 580G 'Mouth (Mouth care with general anesthesia' anesthesia) which is not correct as the code WX290 is used for blockade of nerve and not for general anesthesia.

The proposal is to remove the property 03X10 from code WX290.
After removal it the cases will be assigned to other 580-series DRGs based on diagnoses and procedure codes.