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*Mats Fernström 2014-01-10*

Hand surgeons have complained on the NordDRG description for many years. Therefore we started a working group to try to develop a better description of
Sweden is developing hand surgery in the autumn 2010. The group consists of Sven Abrahamsson, head of the hand surgery clinic in Malmö, Paul Tordai, private hand surgeon in Stockholm (and also the National Board of Health and Welfare’s contact person in DRG classification issues in hand surgery), Ralph Dahlgren, Susan Bengtsson and

Mats Fernström (all three at the National Board of Health and Welfare). Mats Fernström is the convener.

The group started to invent what kind of diagnoses and procedures that come into question on hand surgery clinics and then these cases were preliminary divided into nine groups depending on estimated resource consumption. The next step is to add the proper diagnosis and procedure codes and construct grouping rules and then test the logic on the national patient database with case costing (Swedish KPP database). A proposal for change in the NordDRG system
will not be ready until the spring 2015.
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