Case #437

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 4 years ago


Initiated: 2015-11-16
Initiator: Martti Virtanen, NordCase
The intervention DFXA02 'Check-up of cochlear implant' (and all national codes linked to it) has property OR=1 and procedureproperties 03S24 'Insertion of cochlear implant' and 14S90 'Significant operation for obstetrical patient' and resulting form 03S24 the generated property 99S90 'Extensive OR-procedure'.
OR=1. None of the linked national codes seems to be an operation room procedure and neither very resource intensive.
DFXA00 'Connecting cochlear implant' has OR=0 and there is no reason to regard DFXA02 as more resource intensive.

In Norwegian version even the codes linked to DFXA02 has been OR=0 and no other properties. . OR=0. Thus a correction is obligatory in either Norwegian version or other versions.

Decided changes
I propose that DFXA02 is changed to OR=0 and ther other properties are removed.
OR=0. This will be performed in 2016 versions of NordDRG

Technical change
DFXAF02 will have OR=0 and no other properties in all versions on NordDRG 2016.

DRG change
The case with only DFXA02 will be assigned to conservative DRG's.