Case #126

Updated by Anonymous over 5 years ago

Initiated 2013-11-04


Attached is an update to the Finnish intervention classification for NordDRG.

It is based on the list delivered by HUS containing the ATC based codes that are used as Intervention codes within HUS.

These codes are mapped to the NCSP+ using a new model where these codes for temporary use have an NCSP+ code starting with '_'. The Norwegian intervention codes already include similar codes also for temporary use.
Some of the codes are actually common.

The list from HUS is attached with comments. The codes that are existing Finnish NCSP-codes are not added, they exist already. 4 of the codes are not based on ATC but do not exist previously. They are added with the same model.

HUS wants that all these codes would have 99T00 -property which is only used in the Finnish version. Thus the property may be given to intervention codes in any national version without any effect on the DRG assignment.

The new codes are included both in the Finnish NCSP and in the common
NCSP+ table. Both are included in the attached file The content of this file must be copied to c:/data on Liselotte's computer.

She must also update the csp_upda program from the attached zip-file.
The files from the zip should be copied to /workmaps/prg/csp.

Then the updated updtaed content of the intervention classification is imported both to common and to Finnish version of NordDRG intervention code module with [F6].

Then in the Finnish version one must run [Ctrl][T] to check the codes that do not have any properties. In addition to the automatically added
OR=0 property all new codes should be given procprop 99T00.

There are 4 of the existing codes do not have any properties (listed in the attached Excel-sheet). They should also be given the property 99T00 (by selecting and defining them separately).

After that one should run [Alt][T] and update the properties of the codes to the common version. All update proposals should be accepted (sorry for the number of these instances Liselotte).

After this one must start the NDMS logic module and run the GIT version control. I will check the result of the version control.