Development initiative #547

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 3 years ago

As a preparation to the new NDMS developing process we have now changed the technical arrangement of NordDRG logic definition defintion table. Instead of having a logic table for each national version the versions are in one combined table where a separate variable indicates which versions use the rule at issue. This variable has the structure Com/Den/Est/Fin/Ice/Lat/Nor/Swe. If the value is Swe only Swedish version uses the rule whereas Com/Den/Est/Fin/Ice/Lat/Nor means that all but Swedish version uses that rule.

To make the combination possible the 'ord' variable varaible length has been extended with one character to 11 characters. The values of the 10 first characters have been change only on a few rows where there was a discrepance (error) between the versions. In all other cases the added character separates the rules of different versions.
In addition a variable 'id' has been added to each rule. It shall not be changed if the order of the rules is changed without changing the content of the rule. Minor corrections in the content (deletion, addition or correction of errorneous value of one or two variables) does neither demand a change of the 'id'. This is intended to may help following the changes in the system.

The structure of the NordDRG_file_base, NDRG_technical_changes_base and NDRGchanges_repor_base have been changed accordingly to allow this information to be transferred.
In addition the 'dg' and 'proc' tables will now include the ICD+ and NCSP+ codes in addition to the national codes. This makes it possible to see which national codes are linked together on 'plus' level and affect each other and makes easier to check from ICD+ and NCSP+ tables what chagnes a national change might have on other versions.

With exception of the added columns (that do not affect grouping) the national version defintion tables have not been changed.

The Com version of the tables is now actually a combined version including the content of all national nationa versions (on ICD+ and NCSP+ code level). It also includes all properties that are currently in use.
The _base files are on the 'Files' sheet of this forum. A model for the common NordDRG defintion table set is attached to this item.