Case #234

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National ID: CPK ID 526
Initiated: 2013-11-13
Initiator: NPK, Sweden


_The The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (SOS) makes own definition tables parallel to the process at the Nordic Casemix Centre (NCC) and the current problem was discovered during routine comparison between SWE2014CC-SOS-PR02 (SOS version) and SWE2014PR0F (NCC version) in the autumn 2013._ 2013.

This case concerns only the Swedish SOS version but is published for documentation.

Late in the updating process for NordDRG 2014 we noticed that some orthopedic procedures had got changed procedure properties in the Swedish NCC version for 2014 compared to the 2013 version. We did not introduce the changes in the SOS version since they were not discussed and documented. Later Martti explained that the change was an adaption to the common version and since we found the changes to be logical we will introduce them in the SOS version for 2015. The changes are described in the table below.


*Decided changes*

*NPK, Sweden – 2014-01-29*

Sweden will do the changes described above in our own definition tables for 2015.

*Technical change*

See the table above. The changes are also specified in +Decision CPK ID 526.xls+.


NordDRG [2015] [Sweden, SOS version]