Case #250

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 7 years ago

National ID: CPK ID 534
Initiated: 2013-11-13
Initiator: NPK, Sweden


_The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (SOS) makes own definition tables parallel to the process at the Nordic Casemix Centre (NCC) and the current problem was discovered during routine comparison between SWE2014CC-SOS-PR02 (SOS version) and SWE2014PR0F (NCC version) in the autumn 2013._

The diagnosis codes C941 (Deleted 2009/12/31 - Kronisk erytremi) and D459 (Polycythaemia vera) had DGPROP 23X01 (History of malignancy) in NordDRG 2013 but it was deleted in the NCC version 2014. The chapter C94 is all about leukemia so we think that 23X01 is motivated for C941 and it is also motivated for D459 since Polycythaemia vera has been reclassified as a malignant disease in ICD-O.


*NPK, Sweden– 2014-01-29*

DGPROP 23X01 is reinserted for the codes C941 and D459 in the Dg_1 table as described in +Suggestion CPK ID 534+. Change only in the NCC version.

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*DRG change*

Cases with a principal diagnosis that indicates aftercare (dgcat 23M03) and a secondary diagnosis C941 or D459 will be grouped to DRG W20 (Eftervård vid malign sjukdom) instead of DRG W22 (Eftervård vid annan sjukdom) which is more correct.

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