Case #269

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 5 years ago

National ID: HD-0076
Initiated: 2014-02-21
Initiator: Stavanger University hospital


Cases with both biopsy codes (TNB00, TNC00, TNF00, TNH00, NAA30, NAA32) and codes for surgical procedures grouping to several other DRG’s in MDC 08 are grouped to DRG 216 “Biopsies of musculoskeletal system & connective tissue”. This is due to hierarchy where DRG 216 lies before DRG 210, DRG 211, DRG 212, DRG 213, DRG 214 and DRG 215.
The suggestion from the actual hospital describes a problem especially with respect to DRG 210A and 210N.


*Norwegian directorate of health – 2014-02-21*

The current Norwegian cost weights for DRG 216 and other DRG’s in MDC 08 in 2014 indicate that DRG 216 is less resource intensive than DRG 210A or DRG 210N, but the difference seems to be relatively small.



*Norwegian directorate of health – 2014-02-21*

We suggest that DRG 216 is moved downwards in the hierarchy and placed below DRG 210A and 210N.

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