Case #255

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 5 years ago

National ID: CPK ID 539
Initiated: 2013-11-13
Initiator: NPK, Sweden


_The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (SOS) makes own definition tables parallel to the process at the Nordic Casemix Centre (NCC) and the current problem was discovered during routine comparison between SWE2014CC-SOS-PR02 (SOS version) and SWE2014PR0F (NCC version) in the autumn 2013._

The Swedish procedure codes DN010 (Sluten fasciotomi) and TND03 (Perkutan fasciotomi) have been linked to the same NCSP+ code (NXXM00 ’Closed fasciotomy’) in the NCC version for 2014 but they are not the same. DN010 is just a streching after collagenase injection for Dupuytrens disease and no surgical instrument is used. TND03 is a surgical fasciotomy with the use of knife or needle through just a stab in the skin.


*NPK, Sweden – 2014-02-06*

DN010 should have no other properties than DGPROP 00X99 (as in the SOS version). Thus, OR = 2 and PROCPR = 08V06 should be removed in the NCC version.
TND03 have the right properties in the NCC version and DGPROP 08X14 (Problem of the hand) has to be removed in the SOS version since the procedure is not only for hand problems.

The changes are also specified in +Suggestion CPK ID 539.xls+.

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