Case #246

Updated by Martti Virtanen over 6 years ago

National ID: CPK ID 530
Initiated: 2013-11-13
Initiator: NPK, Sweden


_The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (SOS) makes own definition tables parallel to the process at the Nordic Casemix Centre (NCC) and the current problem was discovered during routine comparison between SWE2014CC-SOS-PR02 (SOS version) and SWE2014PR0F (NCC version) in the autumn 2013._

During the updating process we compare all tables in the NCC version with our own version (SOS version). In the table Dgprop (dgomin) we have the following text to the code 00X99: “Intervention code valid for single use - property generated automatically”. In the NCC version the text have been shortened to: ”Intervention code valid for single use - property generated”.

When we remarked on this Martti answered: “This is shortened automatically because the field is not longer. This is an intermedian variable, the text is only for developers who should know it.”

We think that all users of NordDRG, including developers, shall have correct information and the system must be transparent. We therefor suggest a text change to: “Intervention code valid for single use - autogenerated prop” which will fit in the field. The abbreviation “prop” for property is already used in the system and should not be misunderstood.


*NPK, Sweden – 2014-01-29*

For better transparency of the NordDRG system we suggest that the text to the dgprop 00X99 is changed to Intervention code valid for single use - autogenerated prop.
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