Case #349

Updated by Martti Virtanen almost 5 years ago

This matter was discussed at NordDRG expert group meeting 2014-08. It was missed from the reporting.

Cases with unplanned hospitalisation may be assigned to different DRG’s depending what has been registered on the visit where the code ZZZX00 ‘Inpatient observation’ (Swedish code XS100 ‘Unplanned hospitalisation’) is used. In the Swedish system, this code is used when patient is admitted to hospital from a visit. To avoid double reimbursement, these cases need a separate group.

The cases with ZZZX00 shall in NordDRG SWE allways be assigned to a specific DRG Z82O (470L) ‘Unplanned hospitalisation from planned visit’ (‘Besök med oplanerad inskrivning’).

*Technical change:*
A new DRG is added to the SWE version of DRGnames: DRG 470L, LOC_DRG Z820, Drgname ‘Besök med oplanerad inskrivning’ - and to the COM version of DRGnames: DRG 470L, LOC_DRG 470L and drgname ‘Unplanned hospiitalisation from planned visit’

A new diagnosis property 00X90 ‘Unplannded hospitalisation’ is added to diagnosis property table.

The procedure code ZZZX00 (and all linked codes) shall have the new property 00X90

The Drgl_2015_SWE shall have a new line immediately beforeccurrent after current row 00D0000 00D0004 (that must be corrected to for example 00D00004). 00D00000). This line shall have DRG 470L, DGPROP1 ‘00X90’, DISC ‘N’ and DUR ‘<1’.

*DRG change*
Cases unplanned admitted from a planned visit will be assigned to the new DRG in the NordDRG SWE