Workshop @ PCSI: Wednesday 18.9.2013

Nordic Casemix Center is organizing a Workshop within the PCSI conference
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Maintenance of casemix systems and the development tools

Authors: Martti Virtanen, Maisa Lukander, Tapio Pitkäranta, Petra Kokko

Casemix systems organize the primary classified data to a secondary classification of DRG’s or other casemix groups that are both medically meaningful and economically homogenous.
Maintenance of casemix systems requires a combination of medical, statistical and financial knowledge to be transformed into formal definition of the secondary classification. The systems are based on routinely collected data but the surrounding is in continuous movement and the groupers need to modified to accommodate for changes in both the classifications (diagnoses and interventions) and the care routines. A special demand for a change is the coming change of ICD version from ICD-10 to ICD-11. At the same time the resource use of existing services is continuously changing causing also need for modifications.

This workshop focuses on the casemix systems maintenance tools. We discuss efficient routines and tools to develop and maintain the systems.

We identify the following challenges in Casemix classification development
• Maintenance process of casemix / DRG system

We would like to be able to discuss the routines and tools currently used in some example countries (3-4 countries).
 Performing changes to a particular casemix classification version
 Testing modifications with a grouper
• Linking economical data on resource use to the system
 Cost per patient model
• Combining national needs to an international Casemix system
• Documenting development needs and decisions that have been made
 Linking documentation and modifications
 Version control
• Effects on classification changes with special reference to ICD-11 process

One of the examples will be the NordDRG collaboration. Nordic Casemix Center is a collaboration of 5 Nordic countries and 2 Baltic countries that develops and maintains the NordDRG system for the countries. Nordic Casemix Center is currently refining its maintenance tools. Currently our NDMS-tool (NordDRG Maintenance System) is based on and relational database program (FoxPro®) and we use a separate Windows help based tool as searchable document of the proposed and accepted changes. Both require special technical skills and their maintenance is problematic..
We intend to have a demonstration of a new developmental tool bases on graphical interaction for the definition of the casemix system (NordDRG).