From 2013-09-02 to 2013-10-01


12:59 Case #85 (Active): Problem with Cardioversion and anesthesia
12:59 Case #85 (Closed): Problem with Cardioversion and anesthesia
11:24 Case #85 (Accepted): Problem with Cardioversion and anesthesia
Title: Error correction
CPK ID: 2013
Forum ID: If known (i.e. in reactivation of an old case)
Initiated (date):26....


13:39 Meeting #84 (Closed): Board meeting in Stockholm 25.11.2013
13:37 Meeting #83 (Closed): Board meeting in Helsinki 19.9.2013


13:10 Meeting #79 (Closed): Expert Group autumn meeting 2014
The Expert Group autumn meeting 2014 will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland 28-29.8.2014.
The meeting will be held in...
Maisa Lukander
13:08 Meeting #78 (Closed): Expert Group spring meeting 2014
Expert Group spring meeting 2014 has taken place 24-25.3.2014 in Stockholm at Dagens Nyheter.
The main topic of th...
Maisa Lukander
11:51 Meeting #77 (Closed): Nordic Casemix Conference in Tallinn 12-13.5.2014
Maisa Lukander
11:43 Development initiative #75 (Active): Rehabilitation
*Kristiina Kahur 2014-01-13*
In Spring 2013 FCG Consulting Ltd initiated a working group in order to analyse and, ...
Maisa Lukander
11:42 Development initiative #74 (Closed): Development of grouping MDC15 - Newborn
Already done. Proposal this year from Finland. This also is going to be a ticket so everybody can comment on that bef... Maisa Lukander
11:40 Development initiative #73 (Active): Grouping of out-patients (including Drugs)
Change in this project:
Finland is now responsible for this project (instead of Norway). Contact person is Petra K...
Maisa Lukander
11:38 Development initiative #72 (Active): Primary care grouping
Responsible; all Maisa Lukander
11:37 Development initiative #71 (Closed): Drugs
Finland is responsible for this issue. Kristiina Kahur from FCG and Minna-Liisa SjöblomDescription of the projet is h... Maisa Lukander
11:32 Development initiative #70 (Active): Hand surgery development in sweden
*Mats Fernström 2014-01-10*
Hand surgeons have complained on the NordDRG description for many years. Therefore we ...
10:12 Task #49: Delivery of updated list of DRG changes and Technical changes for National versions to...
Until now, no comments have been received from national organizations Anonymous

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