From 2014-06-10 to 2014-07-09


08:03 Case #261: Merging DRGs 580J and 580G (MDC3 (Diseases and disorders of ear, nose, mouth and throat)
2014-06-28 Martti Virtanen
I have missed the addtional rule 191D000005 for DRG 580J. There are no cases in the Finni...
Martti Virtanen


13:03 Case #326 (Accepted): Case 2004-MDC08-02 'Primary prosthetic replacement of other single IP joint...
Last updated: 2004-05-07
Initiated - 2004-03-02
By: Kristin Dahlen, Sintef/Norway
Expert Network 2004-03-30 - Chan...
12:57 Case #325 (Accepted): Case 2004-MDC08-01 The hierarchy of DRG 231
Last updated: 2004-05-07
Initiated - 2004-02-27
By: Mats Karlsson, Sweden / Mats Fernström, CPK/Sweden
Expert Netw...
12:50 Case #324 (Accepted): Case 2008-MDC08-03 Hierarchy for DRG 234O
Last updated: 2008-04-07
Initiated: 2007-09-26
By: Mikael Antonsson/CPK, Sweden
Expert Network 2008-03-06 - Change...
12:37 Case #323 (Accepted): Case 2003-MDC08-02 Disc disorders in children
Last updated: 2003-05-12
Initiated: 2003-03-28
By: Bengt Gustavsson/Mats Fernström (CPK), Sweden
Expert Network 20...
12:33 Case #322 (Accepted): Case 2008-MDC08-02 Intevertebral disc disorders in children
Last updated: 2008-04-07
Initiated: 2006-11-28
By: Hans Nilsson-Annica Tallmer/CPK, Sweden
Expert Network 2008-03-...


13:53 Case #264: Surgery on malrotation of the gut and appendectomy
2014-06-11 Martti Virtanen
The work with testdata revealed that there is an error in this case. The rule for DRG 156...
Martti Virtanen
10:36 Case #287: The DRGs for vaginal delivery contains also non-delivery cases
2014-05-11 Martti Virtanen
Further comment from Finland: Group O82 codes do not have 14P01 although they are within ...
Martti Virtanen


19:07 Case #287: The DRGs for vaginal delivery contains also non-delivery cases
2014-06-10 Martti Virtanen
I don't think I have misunderstood the message from Sweden. My problem is, that I don't t...
Martti Virtanen

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