From 2014-10-21 to 2014-11-19


17:12 Version #345: NordDRG 2015 SWE MTR
Comments concerning #345
Comments concerning case #345 that originate from case #179
Sweden has now made a comparis...
Ralph Dahlgren
12:30 Case #349: Unplanned hospitalisation
Mats Fernström 2014-11-19
The text "Cases unplanned admitted from a planned visit will be assigned to the new DRG in...
Mats Fernström


14:22 Case #116 (Re-activated): Case 2012-MDC03-02 Tonsill and adenoid procedures
2014-11-18 Martti Virtanen/Kristiina Kahur
In the beginning of November 2014 Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) d...
Martti Virtanen
14:04 Case #355 (Accepted): DRG's 482 and 483 are not usable in Estonian NordDRG due to incomplete coding
DRGs 482 'Tracheostomy for face, mouth & neck diagnoses'and 483 'Tracheostomy except for face, mouth & neck diagnoses... Martti Virtanen


11:14 Version #340: NordDRG 2015 Ice
Sorry for the delay - I need to send a new file with DRG names to Datawell - will be complete beginnig of next week Helga Bjarnadottir


09:47 Version #337: NordDRG 2015 Fin
Signed certifying document for versions NordDRG 2015 Full Finland (NordDRG2015FINPR1F) and NordDRG 2015 Classic Finla... Anonymous


14:03 Version #337: NordDRG 2015 Fin
Certify NordDRG classic grouper for Finland. (FIN2015PR1C) Liselotte Säll


14:41 Case #353 (Accepted): Norwegian codes for cytostatic medication
Norway has introduced a number of codes for different routs of cytostatic theapy as group WBOCxx '... medikamentell s... Martti Virtanen


11:38 Version #338: NordDRG 2015 Swe
SWE2015PR0b delivered. Liselotte Säll


14:12 Version #340: NordDRG 2015 Ice
2014-10-29 Martti Virtanen
Please inform us about your plans regarding NordDRG 2015 ICE. In principal we should proc...
Martti Virtanen
13:08 Version #339: NordDRG 2015 Nor
2014-10-29 Martti Virtanen
We have not got any comments from Norway regarding the Norwegian PR0 version for 2015.
Martti Virtanen


22:36 Case #348: Percutaneous sclerotherapy of veins
2014-10-22 Martti Virtanen
I agree with Swedish comment that it is not quite clear what all is covered by group PHST...
Martti Virtanen
22:33 Case #348: Percutaneous sclerotherapy of veins
2014-10-22 NPK, Sweden
In Sweden, cases with TPH10 (Sklerosering av benvaricer) previously, before version 2014, we...
Martti Virtanen
15:52 NordDRG Forum User Guide 2014-10-22.pdf
NordDRG Forum User Guide Anonymous
13:57 Version #337: NordDRG 2015 Fin
Assingnee changed. Anonymous


22:35 Case #350: Reduction of ankle and foot fractures
2014-10-21 Martti Virtanen
Sweden (Mats Fernström quite rightly noted that calcaneus and tarsal bones usally are reg...
Martti Virtanen
17:37 Case #349: Unplanned hospitalisation
2013-10-21 Martti Virtanen
I did a misspelling when I corrected the text and forgot to change the after to before.
Martti Virtanen
15:38 Expert Group Meeting 12-13.3.2015 in Oslo
The Expert Group meeting will take place Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of March 2015 in Oslo.
More information wil...
14:28 Version #346: NordDRG 2015 NOR MTR
NOR2015MTR delivered. Liselotte Säll

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