From 2014-12-24 to 2015-01-22


15:25 Case #367 (Accepted): The intermediate results of testing the CC-grouper on Finnish data
Finnish National DRG-centre has tested the CC grouper which is used in Sweden. The grouper was adapted to...
Kristiina Kahur
15:02 Case #366 (Accepted): Revision of properties of diagnoses complicating the cesarean section
Finnish national DRG-centre performed an analysis with aim to revise the diagnosis codes which are complicating the c... Kristiina Kahur
11:47 Case #365 (Accepted): Other blockade of nerve (WX290) is not anesthesia of mouth (03X10)
Removal of property 03x10 from code WX290
In 2013 in Finnish NordDRG version the DRGs (580-series) for dental care...
Kristiina Kahur


15:50 Case #285: Paracentesis and insertion of ventilation tubes
2015-01-09 Martti Virtanen
In the list of changes to NordDRG in Norway 19.9.2014 Norway has expressed that in the ru...
Martti Virtanen

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