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11:52 Case #403: Normal newborn, birth weight over 2500 g, with other significant problem
Susan Berggren has sent to Nordic Casemix Centre Sweden´s comment to this case.
Please open the document attached (S...
11:45 Case #387: Measurement of bone density, respirtatory interventions, longterm monitoring, soft tis...
2016-01-12 Susan Berggren

The analysis is done on the Swedish cost database for 2014 grouped with NordDRG 2015 SW...
11:09 Case #452 (Accepted): Septic shock & Severe sepsis
Olafr Steinum, specialist in infectious diseases and primary classifications, has argued for a long time t...


11:59 Case #451 (Accepted): Stereotactic intracranial radiotherapy only for neurological problems
2016-01-18 Norway/NordCase, Martti Virtanen
Norway is not happy with the rule 117D022998 that assigns intracranial r...
Martti Virtanen
11:38 Case #450 (Accepted): Group of patients with/without interventions
2016-01-18 Norway/NordCase
Norway has noted that cases with ZZZA10 (ZWWA30) 'Group of patients' are assigned to DRG ...
Martti Virtanen
11:16 Case #370: Gender Validation
2016-01-18 Martti Virtanen
Norway has proposed that the rule 191D13090 of NordDRG Nor version to be removed. This is...
Martti Virtanen


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