From 2015-12-30 to 2016-01-28


18:11 Case #376: Outpatient visits with impossible/unspecified procedure
*Mats Fernström, NPK, Sweden 2016-01-28*
We have now turned 180 degrees and want to abolish DRG Z74 (Impossible or t...
Mats Fernström
16:46 Case #462 (Accepted): Peripheral nerve blockades on fingers and toes should not have 00X10
It is unreasonable that the simple peripheral nerve blockades for anesthesia of fingers and toes have the same groupi... Mats Fernström
16:07 Case #421: Impossilble rules in NordDRG SWE 2015
Mats Fernström, NPK, Sweden 2016-01-28*
When we constructed the SOS version of NordDRG 2016 SWE we did no...
Mats Fernström
13:35 Case #461 (Accepted): Day surgery DRGs for doctors only
We have noticed that some health personal don’t know the national rules for coding of control visits. They...
Mats Fernström
12:49 Questions and answers #460 (Active): Suggestions for a better upgrading process
*Suggestions for a better upgrading process*
The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare wants some rules to ...


21:30 Case #459 (Accepted): Splenectomy, short therapy
We would like to disuss in expert network meeting the topic related to splenectomy as short therapy case.
In 2013 t...
Kristiina Kahur
20:52 Case #458 (Accepted): Merge of DRGs 301B and 910C
There have been no cases in DRG 910C (Malignancy of endocrine, nutritional and metabolic system, demanding isotope th... Kristiina Kahur
20:36 Case #457 (Rejected): Merge of DRGs 481P and 481B
There have been no cases in DRG 481P (Allogenic stem cell transfer, short therapy; Allogen stamcellstransplantation, ... Kristiina Kahur
16:01 Case #396: Influenzas, pneumonias and other severe infections - CC/MCC categories and their exclu...
*Mats Fernström, NPK, Sweden 2016-01-20*
The original reason for this case was that we questioned the 18G...
Mats Fernström
12:14 Case #406: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
26.1.2016 Veronika Stemme
After economical analysis Sweden support this suggestion, Forum ID#406, please see the att...


22:37 Case #456 (Rejected): Merge of DRGs 481O and 481A
There have been no cases in DRG 481O (Other stem cell transfer, short therapy; Annan stamcellstransplantation, kort v... Kristiina Kahur
22:25 Case #455 (Accepted): Merge of DRG 342 and 343
In current grouper version there are separate DRGs for circumcision depending on the age of patient. The cost data (s... Kristiina Kahur
22:14 Case #454 (Accepted): Merge of DRGs 482 and 482O
DRG 482O (Face, mouth or neck disease, requiring tracheostomy, short therapy; Trakeostomi, kort vård) has very few ca... Kristiina Kahur
21:58 Case #453 (Accepted): Merge of DRGs 169 and 169O
DRGs 169 (Mouth procedures w/o cc; Operationer i munhålan, ej komplicerat) and 169O (Mouth procedures, short therapy;... Kristiina Kahur


11:52 Case #403: Normal newborn, birth weight over 2500 g, with other significant problem
Susan Berggren has sent to Nordic Casemix Centre Sweden´s comment to this case.
Please open the document attached (S...
11:45 Case #387: Measurement of bone density, respirtatory interventions, longterm monitoring, soft tis...
2016-01-12 Susan Berggren

The analysis is done on the Swedish cost database for 2014 grouped with NordDRG 2015 SW...
11:09 Case #452 (Accepted): Septic shock & Severe sepsis
Olafr Steinum, specialist in infectious diseases and primary classifications, has argued for a long time t...


11:59 Case #451 (Accepted): Stereotactic intracranial radiotherapy only for neurological problems
2016-01-18 Norway/NordCase, Martti Virtanen
Norway is not happy with the rule 117D022998 that assigns intracranial r...
Martti Virtanen
11:38 Case #450 (Accepted): Group of patients with/without interventions
2016-01-18 Norway/NordCase
Norway has noted that cases with ZZZA10 (ZWWA30) 'Group of patients' are assigned to DRG ...
Martti Virtanen
11:16 Case #370: Gender Validation
2016-01-18 Martti Virtanen
Norway has proposed that the rule 191D13090 of NordDRG Nor version to be removed. This is...
Martti Virtanen


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