From 2016-07-24 to 2016-08-22


13:57 Expert Group meeting 31.8-1.9.2016 in Tallinn
The Expert Group 2016 autumn meeting will take place Wednesday the 31st of August and Thursday the 1st of September 2... Anonymous


13:48 Case #463: Introduction of Primary Care in the Swedish NorDRG system for 2017
Technical updates due to the fact that Liselotte Säll discovered some obvious errors that must be corrected before th... Ralph Dahlgren


11:01 Case #437: Check-up of cochlear implant - not an OR-procedure
2016-08-08 Finnish National DRG-Centre
In Appendix 1 are the Finnish codes related to CI. There are three currentl...
Kristiina Kahur

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