From 2017-11-14 to 2017-12-13


15:32 Case #565 (Accepted): Change DGCAT för ICD-codes G94- and some G93-codes
*Problem* _The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, CPK-ID 730_
We have found that the ICD-10-codes under G...
Veronika Stemme
15:03 Case #564 (Accepted): Lymph node procedures in malignant melanomas
Most of the procedure codes for lymph node procedures that can occur in cases with malignant melanoma have...
Mats Fernström


14:35 Case #563 (Accepted): New outpatient DRG for catheter ablation
*Problem* _CPK-ID 713_
Cardiologists have noted that catheter ablation procedures in outpatient health care are grou...
Veronika Stemme


13:56 Case #554: Dental care vs ENM mouth care
2017-12-05 Martti Virtanen
This change caused couple of additional problems in the NordDRG Fin.
1) Cases with ...
Martti Virtanen


13:44 Case #554: Dental care vs ENM mouth care
2017-12-01 Martti Virtanen
There were a few id-codes and one ord that were duplicates. I have corrected the red-mark...
Martti Virtanen
13:24 Case #562 (Accepted): Freeing of adhesions of prepuce - not a OR-procedure
KGSV10 ‘Freeing of adhesions of prepuce ‘ is an old intervention code that Swe started to use this year.
Martti Virtanen


12:10 Case #561 (Accepted): Postoperative control of malignant melanoma
If a postoperative control of a malignant melanoma is coded with ICD-10 codes
Z080 Follow-up examination ...
Veronika Stemme


17:02 Case #560: The procedure NAM29 moved from DRG C56 (187)
Finnish National DRG-Centre 2017-11-24
In Finland, there is no respective code in use (couldn't find one through N...
Kristiina Kahur
15:31 Case #560 (Accepted): The procedure NAM29 moved from DRG C56 (187)
It is obvious that the procedure NAM29 'Suture of fascia of spine or neck' does not fit in DRG C56 (187) 'Dental extr... Veronika Stemme


14:19 Case #503 (Further active): DRG 315 Other kidney and urinary tract o. r. procedures– splitting in...
2017-11-20 Martti Virtanen
Kristiina Kahur reported from Finnish testing, that some cases that formerly were assigne...
Martti Virtanen
12:53 Case #462 (Re-activated): Peripheral nerve blockades on fingers and toes should not have 00X10
2017-11-20 Martti Virtanen
Kristiina Kahur noted that some anaesthesia codes had lost property 00X10 and ther was no...
Martti Virtanen
12:12 Case #554: Dental care vs ENM mouth care
2017-11-20 Martti Virtanen
logic rows for 580O and 580A were not included in technical changes. Althoug they are not...
Martti Virtanen

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