From 2019-10-12 to 2019-11-10


07:09 Case #663 (Accepted): Error correction in Psychiatric open daycare for Sweden in DRGlogic.
Ralph D 2019-11-10
It has been brought to our attention that Sweden has problem with the psychiatric DRG open daycar...
Ralph Dahlgren


14:07 Case #616 (Re-activated): Discharge information (transfer) not available anymore, change of the g...
2019-11-06 Nordic Casemix Centre, MV
The model created by Finland includes a change that was no intended. The delete...
Martti Virtanen


13:07 NDMS #662 (Further active): CC category coding and CC exclusions in NordDRG
Initiated: 2019-11-05
Initiator: Martti Virtanen: Nordic Casemix Centre
Responsible at National organization: Martt...
Martti Virtanen

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